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The 2019 edition of the Family TIES of Massachusetts Directory of Resources for Families of Children and Youth with Special Needs is AVAILABLE! View online or contact the Regional Coordinators at 800-905-TIES to get your copy.

We always welcome information about more community programs, especially from families. Just fill out our Directory Add form and mail or email to the address on the top of the form. Thank you for sharing with us!

(The Directory is available in PDF format only. You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™in order to view these pages. Acrobat® Reader™is available at no cost.)



This Directory is meant to be used only as a starting point for inquiry into community-based resources and state agencies that support families of children and youth with special needs. The inclusion of a program in this directory does not represent an endorsement by the Federation, nor does an omission represent any form of disapproval by the Federation.

What is so important about the work we do?

This annual Directory of Resources brings together the topics and programs that rise to the top, when asked "what kind of help can you provide?" Our staff helps families to address questions about their children's health and healthcare, educational services, and social and recreational opportunities in their communities and beyond. We provide resources for finding advocacy, legal, and government agency assistance, as well as supporting families to navigate a complex system of services. As parents, we understand the emotional toll that comes from managing a complicated life. It's all in a day's work, and we are honored to assist in this way.

The Directory of Resources is meant to be a starting point for families and providers looking for information and resources. Family TIES Regional Coordinators continually make new connections, find new programs, and maintain lists of local programs to address unmet needs.* Even when you seem to have a concise list of possible solutions by reading through this Directory of Resources, call our staff and share your story. Together, we work to ensure that a family's needs are identified, potential directions are developed, and resources are identified. As Aristotle first said, "The whole is greater than the sum of the parts." Coming together will lead to a more complete strategy and ultimately lead to even better outcomes.

The staff of Family TIES is ever appreciative for the opportunity to meet families and professionals, for through your contacts, we learn so much more about the needs of families and ways to make a positive difference in the lives of children and youth with special needs. Please keep your calls coming!

Family TIES of Massachusetts produces this annual Directory of Resources to assure everyone has access to the kinds of information that our staff offers to families and professionals who support children and youth with special needs. We know from personal experience that families are busy, and they cannot solve all of their concerns on their own. We are here to assist.

There is a strategy for using our Directory when searching for a resource:

  • 1. The RESOURCES BY TOPIC listing is helpful when you know the kinds of resource programs that you need. Perhaps a family needs help with advocate for a child's needs, child care services, resources related to health care or housing, or would benefit from knowing more about their child's specific diagnosis? Open to the first section of the book, RESOURCES BY TOPIC, and browse through the sections to identify which one or more may be helpful. Start your search in NATIONAL resources, then STATE, and finally the specific area of the state where the family lives. By searching for programs with multiple scopes of area, it will become evident that there are plenty of places to reach out to, for assistance.
  • 2. The A-Z RESOURCES listing, in the second section of the book, is like a phone directory. Start here when you know the program you want to reach. You'll see its description includes a summary of available supports, along with the various categories (topics) of services in their focus. This will help you to know, is this really the right program for this concern? Knowing the types of services that one program offers, you can turn back to the TOPIC listing in the front, to see if there are additional programs that might be of help to address the need. This expands your search, once again.
  • It is important to note that the resources in the Directory are not the be-all, end-all of resources available from our staff. Family TIES Regional Coordinators are committed Parent-Professionals and a resource to families and professionals. Contact your Regional Coordinator to expand your search, for assistance in exploring unmet needs. Our program staff can be helpful in sorting out the details of a child's circumstances, and help to expand opportunities for the child and family.

    Always thinking of the future: We appreciate suggestions from the public about new entries for the 2016 Directory of Resources. Using the Directory Add form at the back, complete and share your submission by email or fax: fcsninfo@fcsn.org or 617-241-0330. Thank you!

    The continuing commitment of Family TIES is based on a simple statement: our own families inspire our staff. The Federation for Children with Special Needs is a wonderful organization that brings together the kinds of services that reduce the challenges of families of children and youth with special needs. The newly defined Division for Children and Youth with Special Health Needs at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health continues to commit its resources and staff to assure that families just like ours can identify community programs, receive emotional support, and benefit from skill-building opportunities to enhance their lives. Thank you to our community. We are blessed to be among these committed partners in our work. Together In Enhancing Support; that is our motto. The staff of Family TIES looks forward to meeting your family.


    Remember that our Directory of Resources is a starting point for our Regional Coordinators. Contacts within local communities helps us to maintain lists of programs that are available to meet the needs of your family.

    When seeking services or ideas, call Family TIES!

    Special words of thanks to our closest communities. This includes our agency,

    the Federation for Children with Special Needs;

    our funder and collaborator, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Division for Children and Youth with Special Health Needs and

    the federal Maternal and Child Health Bureau

    Additionally, thank you to the many community-based organizations and state agencies that have offered opportunities to share in their activities to support families. In supporting your families, too, we gain understanding, knowledge, and appreciation of our community's experiences.

    Family TIES of Massachusetts is funded and supported by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Bureau of Family Health and Nutrition.