All of our staff at Family TIES of Massachusetts are parents of children with special health needs.

We are based out of the Federation for Children with Special Needs headquarters, which is located at The Schrafft Center, 529 Main Street, Suite 1M3, Boston, MA 02129.

Program Director:  

Pat Cameron

Office: (617)399-8380

Western/Central Regional Coordinator:

Molly Duncan

Office: (617)399-8384

Northeast Regional Coordinator:

Sarah ForsterSarah Forster Northeast coordinator

Office: (617)399-8337


Boston/Metrowest Regional Coordinator:

Pat Cameron

Office: (617)399-8380

Southeast Regional Coordinator: 

Angela Isaac

Office: (617)399-8328


Family Engagement Specialist, CCATER:

Sara Asmerom

Office: (617)399-8385

Family Engagement Specialist, CCATER: 

Sarah JeffersonPhoto of Sarah Jefferson Family TIES Metrowest Coordinator

Office: (617)399-8338

Parent to Parent Coordinator:

Wendi Hoffer

Office: (617)399-8382

Project Associate: 

Sara Cohen

Office: (617)399-8322