2024 Edition of the Family TIES of Massachusetts Directory of Resources for Families of Children and Youth with Special Needs

This is the 27th edition of the Directory of Resources.* Family TIES of Massachusetts answers hundreds of calls a year from parents and professionals seeking information and services for children and youth with special needs. As parents of children with complex medical needs and other disabilities, we know finding information, services and support can be difficult and emotionally challenging. We hope the information in this directory makes the task easier for families.

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We continue to receive kind comments from people who see this book as an important resource. Thank you and please continue to call us with your suggestions and new resources. Or, use the directory Resource Entry FormEmail the completed form to info@fcsn.org.


The directory is a great starting point to look for information and resources! Resources are organized into two sections: Resources by Topic and A-Z Resources. In the A-Z Resources section of the book, each resource has a brief description of the available supports, contact information, the regions it serves, and a category code. All resources are assigned to one or more categories. The categories refer to the topic of the information or type of service provided.

When you know the name of the agency, organization or program, look for it in the A-Z Resources section of   the book. If you find the resource you were looking for, be sure to visit their website for specific or additional information.  The Resources by Topic section is helpful when you know the kind of resource or program you need. The resources in the main categories are listed by the regions served:

National – Statewide – Boston – Central – Metrowest – Northeast – Southeast – West

The Community Support and Inclusion category and Specific Conditions and Disabilities category are broad. In these main categories, the resources are sorted by specific topics and region. 

Although there are many resources listed in this directory, we could not possibly list all of the resources available. If you do not find what you need, please call us! 

Family TIES of Massachusetts