Ensures equal opportunity in life achievement for Boston youth by enforcing a child’s right to a quality education; offers technical assistance, legal representation, and training to families.

A private, non-profit child welfare and behavioral health orga- nization serving troubled and at-risk children, adolescents and families in Worcester county.

Focuses on improving the quality of life for people living with spinal cord injuries and disorders. Services include a newsletter, peer support, and accessibility consultations.

This program at Triangle, Inc. empowers people with disabili- ties and organizations to prevent abuse and promote healthy relationships.

Statewide, for-fee service hosted by Arc of Massachusetts. Provides services in the areas of advocacy, brokering, planning, referral for individuals with disabilities and the elderly.

This initiative is spearheaded by the Association for Behavioral Health and Wellness (ABHW), to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness and substance use disorders.

Seeks to safeguard patients through effective mediation assur- ing access to care, maintenance of employment and preserva- tion of financial stability relative to their diagnosis of life-threat- ening or debilitating diseases.

This network’s activities raise awareness of adult education issues. Programs include free basic literacy and high school equivalency test prep courses in small, individualized classes.

A human service agency working with communities, youth and families providing a continuum of programming including: counseling, prevention, intervention and education services.

Advocates on behalf of behaviorally challenging kids and their parents, teachers, and other caregivers and to provide free, web- based resources. Founded by child psychologist and author Dr. Ross Greene.

Provides services and supports in Southern NH and Northeast Massachusetts for people with developmental disabilities includ- ing residential care, non-vocational day programs, shared living, independent living, family support and education & recreation activities.

Provides information about Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program CHIP-for families seeking health insurance coverage for children and teens and families needing help locat- ing a dentist.

Public interest law firm whose mission is to provide pro bono legal representation to low-income residents experiencing diffi- culty accessing or paying for needed medical services.

A coalition of healthcare consumers and advocates providing information, referral, personal and legal advocacy regarding health care and health insurance in Massachusetts.

Raises public awareness, offers emotional support, and provides technical advice on educational, medical, and community mat- ters among families living with Rett Syndrome.

A rare genetic disease patient advocacy organization, centered on increasing rare disease awareness, public and physician edu- cation, building community, and supporting research.

Provides information, support, and assistance to parents of children with disabilities, their professional partners, and their communities. Services include through such services as its web- site, publications, phone consultation, conferences, workshops, publications and many others.

Statewide network of Special Education Parent Advisory Coun- cils (PACs). Support and coordinates the development of Special Education PACs in each school district.