A non-profit to raise money and awareness for bi-lateral hip dysplasia. Runners are matched with someone to run for and dedicate their runs and workouts to that individual.

Children will be instructed on arena riding, games, interaction with horses, grooming, touching and tacking. Also offer Hip- potherapy with a professional OT.

Athletic programs uniquely adapted to accommodate people with a wide range of disabilities. All programs are custom tai- lored to the diverse needs of individuals and groups.

Recreational and skill building activities for children and youth with disabilities summer camp, horseback riding, after school and weekend activities.

Private ski lessons at Jiminy Peak Mountain for Mono-ski, 3- or 4-track, and adaptive snowboarding for individuals who are visually or hearing impaired or have intellectual disabilities.

Focuses on developing inclusive home and playground environ- ments as well as recreational activities for children of all ages and abilities; pre-registration is requested.

Offers recreational, educational, and mentoring programs. After- school program includes tutoring, games and athletics. Summer day camp program and multicultural services.

A variety of programs include playground development, Am- bassador running team, and loaner equipment for vacation and short-term usage.

Sailing programs encourage people with disabilities to be active participants by steering the boat and trimming sails. Outcomes include increased self-confidence and improved leadership skills.

A parent-led sensory gym giving children with special needs a safe, fun, indoor area where they can play and accommodate their sensory needs.

A hippotherapy program geared for children with special needs. Reinbow is located at two sites, Windrush and Liberty TreeFarms.

Offers summer programs for children with disabilities, a three- day program for child and parent to explore augmentative communication and custom-made adaptive equipment.

Year-round recreation, sports, camps, social, and leisure pro- grams for children and adults with disabilities. Camp Echo Bridge offers six weeks of summer fun in Newton Center.

Offers education, resources, and in-person activities and events for young people coping with serious illness, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, sickle cell disease, and metabolic and mitochondrial disorders.